Unlike other toll roads with fixed toll rates, prices on the TEXpress Lanes fluctuate based on real-time traffic conditions and demand. This helps prevent congestion and allows traffic to flow freely at a minimum of 50 mph along the corridor. It is your choice to drive on the TEXpress Lanes or to drive on the adjacent non-tolled general highway lanes.


A Faster and More Reliable Driving Experience

TEXpress Lanes use variable congestion-management pricing to help manage traffic flow and provide faster, more predictable travel. Roadside equipment recalculates real-time prices every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, aiming to ensure the lanes are moving at 50 mph or faster.

First Six Months: A Fixed Published Schedule

During the first six months following an opening, a fixed variable schedule with higher rates during rush hours will apply. After this period, demand-based congestion-management pricing will be implemented to keep the lanes moving at 50 mph or faster.


Variable Congestion-Management Pricing to Keep Traffic Flowing

Based on real-time traffic conditions and demand in the corridor, TEXpress Lanes toll prices will fluctuate periodically throughout the day to maintain a minimum speed of 50 mph. As traffic levels and demand increase, the toll price changes to keep vehicles moving. Once traffic volumes drop, the price goes down.

Pricing Sign

Prices on the TEXpress Lanes

Exact toll prices after the first six months of an opening are difficult to predict since they are based on real-time traffic demand. Typical toll prices on each TEXpress toll segment may range from 15 to 35 cents per mile during lighter traffic, and 45 to 90 cents during rush hour.

Pricing Sign

Your Toll Price Locks In

You pay only the current rate displayed on the pricing sign before entering the TEXpress Lanes or another toll segment, even if the rate changes while you’re driving.

No Tag? Pay By Mail

If you don’t have a TollTag, TxTag or EZ TAG, our cameras will photograph your license plate. The North Texas Tollway Authority will then send the vehicle’s registered owner a ZipCash bill. ZipCash customers pay approximately 50% to 90% higher toll rates for processing and collection, depending on the corridor.

Would you like to see what an average trip on the LBJ, NTE & NTE 35W TEXpress Lanes might cost?

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