More Control Over Your Travel

Not only are the TEXpress Lanes easy to use, you can expect a reliablecongestion-free trip with faster, more predictable drive times. TEXpress Lanes allow you to escape frustrating stop-and-go traffic.

Designed for Safety

TEXpress Lanes typically feature one or two lanes per direction, but wide shoulders on each side of them provide the capacity to safely accommodate incidents that occur in the lanes.

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No Tollbooths to Keep Traffic Moving

The all-electronic, cashless TEXpress Lanes will automatically charge your TollTag, TxTag or EZ TAG account. No tag? Don’t worry. Our tolling cameras will photograph your vehicle license plate, then we’ll send you a bill.

Same Tag, Same Account

If you own a tag, you don’t need anything else. Enjoy the convenience of using the same TollTag, TxTag or EZ TAG you already own to pay for driving on the TEXpress Lanes. Your TEXpress Lane toll usage will simply be deducted from your existing account, and the transactions will appear on your statements.

HOV 2+ Register before trip for discount

Carpoolers and Motorcyclists Are Welcome

Carpoolers, vanpoolers and motorcyclists can use the TEXpress Lanes and receive a 50% discount.To qualify for discounts, you first must have a TollTag, TxTag or EZ TAG. Click below for more information on HOV qualifications and activation.

HOV Discount Qualifications and Activation

Get up-to-speed on how the TEXpress Lanes system works.

TEXpress Lanes build a network within the North Texas region to better manage mobility and congestion relief. They connect throughout the area to form a continuous system and offer drivers more choice in their daily commutes, as well as predictable travel speeds.

Eight major Dallas-Fort Worth corridors feature TEXpress Lanes consisting of more than 120 miles. Download the map below: