Creekview Student Council student, Student Council President, Angie Carson (Transportation Program Assistant at North Central Texas Council of Governments), Clint Carson (Angie’s son and Creekview High School sophomore), Marcus Warren (TEXpress Communications & Corporate Affairs Specialist), Keynote Speaker Tyson Dever, Robert Hinkle (TEXpress Director of Corporate Affairs), Donna Wald (Executive Director of Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD Educational Foundation), Andy Nguyen, Creekview High School Principal Joseph LaPuma, Christy Thomas (Program Leader at Teens in the Driver Seat) and Michael Morris (Director of Transportation at NCTCOG).

Car crashes account for nearly one third of all teen deaths in America each year – about 2,700 teen deaths for the last 10 years. That’s the equivalent of a school bus loaded with teenagers crashing once a week for an entire school year. 
The LBJ/NTE/NTE 35W TEXpress Lanes are trying to change that in North Texas. 
Our concessions partnered with Texas A&M University’s Texas Transportation Institute,  Teens in the Driver Seat and Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District to host an assembly featuring crash survivor Tyson Dever, followed by a safety fair at Creekview High School with over 800 students in attendance. 

“We want to reinforce good driving habits and stress safety for all of our students,” said Joe LaPuma, Principal at Creekview High School. “Thank you to TEXpress and Teens in the Driver Seat for being our partner in teaching our students the importance and responsibility of driving on our roads.” 

Teens in the Driver Seat is a peer-to-peer safety program for new and young drivers that focuses solely on traffic safety and addresses all major risks for this age group. The program slowed during the pandemic, so our TEXpress concessions decided to partner with the organization and others to relaunch the program in North Texas. The event was held during National Teen Driver Safety Week to further promote safe driving habits and highlight the consequences of distracted driving.

“For TEXpress, safety is our highest priority, period,” said Ruben Ramon, TEXpress Deputy CEO. “Teens are a key part of the solution. We are honored to play a small, yet significant role in helping young drivers understand the importance of developing safe driving habits from the very beginning of their driving experience. We want to help create an environment of safe driving for all motorists on all of Texas’ roadways.”

The event included signing a pledge and safety games focused on getting teens to understand how being distracted or impaired can severely affect their ability to drive and respond quickly and safely.

TEXpress hopes to expand the Teens in the Driver Seat program across North Texas in the school districts where it already has education foundation partnerships.  Andy Nguyen, LBJ Head of Marketing, says they plan to make this a bi-annual event.

Tyson Dever, motivational speaker, shares his personal story of a life-changing vehicle accident caused by a distracted driver. “This event is an amazing opportunity to help these students see firsthand the significant responsibility of driving and the consequences of distracted driving. I have committed my life to helping educate students—and all drivers—about the seriousness and focus we should all have when behind the wheel.”