FEB 14, 2023

Photo: Greg Joslin (LBJ Maintenance Manager), Ryan Berry (LBJ Maintenance Supervisor), Emmanuel Ortega (LBJ Maintenance Crew Lead), John Boucher (Maintenance Director) and Ruben Roman Gonzalez (Deputy CEO of LBJ/NTE/NTE 35W) pose in front of the truck LBJ Express donated to Cars for Kids.

Our LBJ Highway Maintenance Crew, along with the concession’s Corporate Affairs and Marketing teams, is helping at-risk students across Texas graduate from high school one donated vehicle at a time. For the third year, LBJ Express donated a truck to a local nonprofit working to keep Texas youth in school.

Cars for Kids supports at-risk teenagers and their families one donated and auctioned vehicle at a time. Thanks to the TEXpress Lanes donation of a 2018 Ford F-350 truck on Jan. 27, this nonprofit has that much more to offer the 5,000 teenagers who benefit from its support every year.

“Being a part of a company that participates in the donation to Cars for Kids means a lot to me,” says Greg Joslin, LBJ Maintenance Manager. “Knowing that you are a part of changing just one life is a great thing and each time that we participate in a donation we look forward to it.”

While Cars for Kids has car donation programs across the U.S., its Dallas location supports Texans Can Academies, which operates 13 campuses across five Texas cities. The auctioned vehicles provide funds to these schools, which remove obstacles such as lack of food, clothing and childcare from children’s lives to give them an opportunity to build a better future.

“Your generous donation will help change the lives of thousands of kids, taking them from surviving to thriving,” said Colin Weatherwax, CEO of Cars for Kids. “Without your support, our kids would have no other options, so please know how important your donation is to their success. One hundred percent of the net proceeds received from the sale of your vehicle will go directly to help these kids.”

Karen Pedraza, LBJ Marketing Specialist, said they selected Cars for Kids because its mission to create greater educational opportunities for at-risk youth lines up directly with the concession’s overall corporate objective of impacting the communities where we live, work and play.

“The minds of tomorrow are what’s going to uphold our projects and improve them, so we firmly believe in investing in education,” said Karen.