NOV 20, 2019

FORT WORTH, Texas – NTE Mobility Partners 35W team has contributed $60,000 to help launch the District’s E-Sports program. While it might look like teenagers playing random video games, the curriculum is set up to develop various skill sets in the students that will prepare them for a 21st Century career in digital engineering, cyber security, and a host of other technology jobs. Over the past two years, this donation has purchased computers and other equipment, along with the expertise for setting up the team’s competitive platform.

E-Sports leagues have blossomed nationwide with high school, college and professional teams competing at all levels. Universities are creating scholarship programs for top students who will ultimately lead the continuing technology evolution across all cultures and industries. North Texas is no different and Arlington Heights High School is right in the middle of the movement.

“Local universities are already recruiting students in the program,” said Ms. Weeks, Principal of AHHS. “E-Sports is bringing these kids together in a way that will allow them to design, program and work all over the world in all different kinds of industries. It’s a very cool high-tech opportunity and I am glad we are involved.”

Fort Worth ISD Superintendent, Dr. Kent Scribner, said that E-Sports is not something he thought would be at the forefront of the District’s objectives. “I would have never thought it but this program is creating the ability to collaborate, overcome adversity, solve problems. This is innovative technology that will teach these students to connect globally and think critically. We are honored and grateful to have corporate partners like NTE TEXpress who invests in our students. These urban kids are not problems to be solved, but assets to be invested in.”

E-Sports has established itself as an important curriculum in the school district. “These teams are like any other sports teams,” explained David Saenz, Fort Worth ISD Innovation Officer. Because of the intensity level and need for stamina, these teams have trainers and nutritionists. And a big reward is free college!”

The Fort Worth ISD will continue to grow the E-Sports program, expanding it to other high schools and competing across the state of Texas and the United States. Other school districts in North Texas are observing what is happening at Arlington Heights High School and preparing their communities for taking their technology students to the next level!