It's About Dime

Merrier Commutes This Holiday Season

Our gift to you! Choose your December day and 10 cents is all you'll pay to use the LBJ and/or NTE TEXpress Lanes.

A Tollway Within a Highway

TEXpress Lanes are unique toll lanes added within existing major roadways to provide extra capacity and efficiently handle more traffic volume. They put drivers in charge of their travel schedule.

You Choose How to Travel

Drive the existing rebuilt general highway lanes at no cost or pay for no stop-and-go driving on the TEXpress Lanes. The choice is yours. Plus, our upgraded corridors and continuous frontage roads on most roadways will provide you with a smooth ride no matter which lanes you choose.

Toll Prices Change

TEXpress Lanes use real-time technology to ease traffic congestion and keep the lanes flowing at a minimum of 50 mph. Unlike conventional toll roads, TEXpress Lanes toll rates fluctuate depending upon the traffic level and time of day.

Now Open

HOV Lanes Make a Transition

The new 635 East HOV/Express Lanes, a form of TEXpress Lanes, welcome solo drivers and vehicles without toll tags for a fee. Registered and activated HOV users pay zero toll cost 24/7. 

HOV and Carpool Discounts

Enjoy Weekday Discounts

Get a discount when you use the TEXpress Lanes for your commute. How? Create a Drive On TEXpress account, then activate your HOV status to claim your discounts.

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  • You Choose How to Travel
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