How to Use TEXpress Lanes

It's easy and safe to use the TEXpress Lanes. But before you hop on any TEXpress Lane for the first time, know which entrance and exit to use to reach your destination and find out how to use and maneuver each segment. You should also learn about the new pricing model and how to read the signs. We have developed a series of helpful tools such as videos, maps and a tutorial to help you get up to speed on the new TEXpress Lanes.

  • How to Use
  • Signage
  • Entrances and Exits
  1. Entering the TEXpress Lanes
  2. Exiting the TEXpress Lanes
  3. Navigating the TEXpress Lanes
  1. Reading the Signs
  1. Know the Entrances and Exits
  • Entering the TEXpress Lanes

    Highway signs with the current toll pricing are posted well in advance of every TEXpress Lanes and HOV/Express Lanes entrance. Once you choose to enter, dedicated entrance ramps will safely guide you into the lanes.

    Watch video

  • Exiting the TEXpress Lanes

    Dedicated TEXpress Lanes exit ramps will guide you back into the general highway lanes and frontage roads with plenty of time to prepare for the exit.

    Watch video

  • Navigating the TEXpress Lanes

    Learn how to access, enter, drive and exit the TEXpress Lanes by taking a virtual test drive with us. Our video provides a great overview on how to use the TEXpress Lanes, read the signs and understand pricing. Take a moment to watch this helpful video

    Visit the LBJ TEXpress Lanes website or NTE TEXpress Lanes website to view actual driving videos for the entrances and exits on these two corridors. You'll find the driving videos under each entrance and exit ramp map. 


  • Reading the Signs

    It's important to learn how to read the TEXpress Lanes and HOV/Express Lanes signs and understand pricing before you get on them for the first time. Review our step-by-step tutorial.

    View tutorial

  • Know the Entrances and Exits

    Familiarize yourself with the entrances and exits needed to reach your destination. The TEXpress Lanes are divided into separate toll segments with dedicated entrance and exit ramps to safely guide you into or off of the lanes. For instance, view the LBJ TEXpress Lanes map which shows the project's 3 toll segments.

    To view the map for each TEXpress Lanes corridor, just click on 'Maps' on the top navigation bar to access the drop-down menu.