Frequently Asked Questions - Entrances and Exits

Once you choose to use the TEXpress Lanes, dedicated ramps will guide you directly into the lanes. When you choose to exit the lanes, dedicated ramps will guide you out of the lanes and onto the general highway lanes or on the frontage roads. To view detailed maps of each TEXpress Lanes corridor, click on 'Maps' located on the top navigation bar for a drop-down menu of corridor maps.

The TEXpress Lanes are divided into separate toll segments with dedicated entrance and exit ramps to safely guide you into and out of the lanes. Because TEXpress Lanes were primarily developed for the longer-distance commuter to get from one end of the corridor to the other end as quickly as possible, there are limited entrances and exits.

First, view the North Texas TEXpress Lanes system map to determine which TEXpress Lanes in the system are best suited to help you reach your destination. Click here to view the system map.

Detailed corridor maps of existing TEXpress Lanes show you the entrances and exits for each tolling segment: