Frequently Asked Questions - Pricing

Unlike the toll roads in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with fixed toll rates, TEXpress Lanes use variable congestion-management pricing*. Prices on the TEXpress Lanes fluctuate based upon the traffic levels and demand for the TEXpress Lanes and the general highway lanes.

Roadside equipment on the TEXpress Lanes monitors and calculates real-time traffic-based rates every five minutes, 24 hours a day, to keep the lanes flowing at a minimum of 50 mph.

As traffic levels increase or decrease, the price goes up or down to properly manage the demand.

During the first six months following the opening of a corridor or section to traffic, prices will be based on a fixed, published schedule, no matter the time of day or the driver demand.

After the initial six-month evaluation period, demand-based variable congestion-management pricing* will be implemented. Toll prices will fluctuate based on a number of factors, including congestion levels in each lane and/or the time of day. In the event that the average speed on the TEXpress Lanes approaches 50 mph due to traffic congestion, the price for that segment of the roadway will increase in order to maintain travel at an average of 50 mph.

Average rates after the evaluation period are estimated to range from 15 cents to 35 cents per mile during periods with low traffic volume and up to 45 cents to 75 cents per mile during peak or rush-hour times.

Most TEXpress Lanes utilize axle counts for their vehicle pricing. For instance, TEXpress Lanes on SH-114, I-35E and I-30 use axle counts.

On the LBJ and NTE TEXpress Lanes, prices vary by the shape and size of the vehicle, not by axle count. For example, motorcycles, cars, SUVs, most vans and pickup trucks pay the same price. Large trucks and extra-large trucks pay a slightly higher price on these TEXpress Lanes. View the LBJ and NTE TEXpress Lanes vehicle class chart to learn about the toll rates for each type of vehicle.

Prices are clearly displayed on signs in advance of each TEXpress Lanes entrance. Remember that the cost displayed is for each segment traveled in the TEXpress Lanes (many TEXpress Lanes have mutiple segments). You will see separate rates for:

  • HOV 2+ for registered HOV vehicles that have activated their discounts online (click here for more info on HOV Discount Qualifications and Activation)
  • Single occupancy vehicles with a TollTag, TxTag or EZ TAG (the price displayed includes the 50 or 90 percent discount, which varies depending on the corridor)
  • Pay By Mail for single occupancy vehicles without a TollTag, TxTag or EZ TAG 
    • Drivers without a TollTag, TxTag or EZ TAG pay approximately 50 percent more than the toll price for single occupancy vehicles on most TEXpress Lanes
    • Non-tag drivers on the DFW Connector TEXpress Lanes pay approximately 90 percent more
    • This rate is not displayed on the LBJ or NTE TEXpress Lanes pricing signs

You pay the rate that is displayed on the pricing sign as you enter the TEXpress Lanes, regardless of whether the rate changes while you are driving within a segment.