Frequently Asked Questions - Overview

TEXpress Lanes are unique toll lanes that are built within an existing highway. They add additional capacity to the highway to accommodate more traffic to relieve congestion. Unlike other toll roads, the price changes based on the level of traffic in the corridor to maintain a minimum 50 mph speed* of travel.

The TEXpress Lanes are fairly new to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and unlike other toll roads in North Texas or throughout the state. It is your choice to drive in the TEXpress lanes and pay the tolls or to drive in the adjacent non-tolled general highway lanes.

TEXpress Lanes are designated express lanes within highway corridors with prices that fluctuate* to prevent congestion and allow traffic to flow freely.

Roadside equipment will monitor real-time traffic conditions* to adjust the prices periodically throughout the day based upon the average speed and number of drivers who want to use the TEXpress Lanes. Prices may go up or down*, depending upon the amount of traffic and the time of day, but customers are notified of the price they will pay on the toll pricing signs prior to entering any segment of the TEXpress Lanes.

Prices will be lower during non-peak driving times. The variable pricing aims to ensure a predictable, higher-speed commuteLearn how to use the TEXpress Lanes>>

Anyone can use TEXpress Lanes, including local drivers, commuters and out-of-town travelers.

Drivers can use any Texas tag (the North Texas Tollway Authority’s TollTag, the Texas Department of Transportation’s TxTag, or HCTRA’s EZ TAG), as well as Oklahoma's PikePass. Drivers can also pay by mail at a higher toll rate.

TEXpress Lanes are open to all types of vehicles* including passenger vehicles, SUVs, motorcycles, pickup trucks, large trucks and tractors with trailers. Special vehicles, or vehicles transporting hazardous material, may have certain restrictions on some routes such as the LBJ TEXpress Lanes.

All of the TEXpress Lanes base tolling on vehicle axles except the LBJ and NTE TEXpress Lanes, which charge by vehicle shape and size. Larger vehicles, such as trucks and buses, pay higher rates.

TEXpress Lanes exist on eight major Dallas-Fort Worth corridors:

  • LBJ Express (I-635) 
  • North Tarrant Express 
    • I-820, SH 183 and SH 121
    • I-35W
  • I-30/Tom Landry Freeway (west segment opens in 2020)
  • I-35E 
  • SH 114 
  • SH 183 
  • Loop 12
  • *The 635 East Express/HOV Lanes, which run from US 75 to I-30, began construction April 27, 2020 and will close until the end of the project in late 2024. At that time, they will re-open as Managed Toll (TEXpress).

The TEXpress Lanes on these high-traffic corridors comprise the regional TEXpress Lanes network.

Click here to view the North Texas TEXpress Lanes System Map.

No. You can choose to pay for a quicker, congestion-free drive on the TEXpress Lanes and take advantage of the minimum 50 mph speed* or drive at no cost on the general highway lanes on I-635, I-820, SH 121/183, SH 183, SH 114, I-35E, I-35W, I-30, Loop 12 or other highways that are adjacent to the TEXpress Lanes. All TEXpress Lanes have adjacent free lanes.

The general highway lanes on these corridors have been upgraded and, in some cases, continuous frontage roads or auxiliary lanes have been added on I-635 (LBJ Freeway), SH 121/183 (Airport Freeway), I-820 (North Loop), SH 114, I-35E and I-35W to provide you with a smooth ride no matter how you choose to travel.

TEXpress Lanes do not have dedicated HOV or carpool lanes*. However, discounts for HOV 2+ vehicles (vehicles with two or more occupants) and motorcycles are available on all North Texas TEXpress Lanes. To qualify for HOV 2+ discounts, drivers must have a TollTag, TxTag or EZ TAG, and meet the requirements outlined here (HOV Discount Qualifications and Activation)

*The 635 East Express/HOV Lanes, which run from US 75 to I-30, began construction April 27, 2020 and will close until the end of the project in late 2024. At that time, they will re-open as Managed Toll (TEXpress).

No. Managed lanes, such as TEXpress Lanes, are already in operation in more than a dozen cities throughout the U.S.
Similar facilities that use dynamic pricing include:

  • 495 Express Lanes on the I-495/Capital Beltway in Washington D.C.
  • I-85 in Atlanta
  • I-10 Katy Managed Lanes in Houston
  • SR-91 Express Lanes in Southern California
  • I-10 Express Lanes and I-110 in Los Angeles
  • I-95 Express in Miami-Ft. Lauderdale
  • I-15 Express Lanes in Salt Lake City, UT