TEXpress Lanes Corridors

TEXpress Lanes are tolled express lanes located in the medians of several major highways throughout North Texas. TEXpress Lanes, also known as managed lanes, provide much-needed congestion relief on the roadways and offer drivers more choices in their daily commutes to suit their travel needs. Drivers can choose to use the adjacent general highway lanes for free or pay for predictable travel speeds on the TEXpress Lanes.

In the future, TEXpress Lanes will form a continuous system around the area. As of 2016, four TEXpress Lanes corridors are currently in operation while another four TEXpress Lanes will debut by the end of 2018. In addition, the 635 East HOV/Express Lanes on I-635 from US 75 to I-30 are a form of TEXpress Lanes. Construction to transform the 635 East HOV/Express Lanes into the I-635 East TEXpress Lanes is tentatively scheduled for 2018.

The TEXpress Lanes are available to all types of drivers, with and without toll tags. HOV users such as carpool drivers, most vanpool drivers and motorcyclists are eligible for a discount during peak travel times on the weekdays.

Characteristics of TEXpress Lanes:

  • Operate in the middle of existing highways to provide a travel alternative for drivers
  • Use variable pricing in which tolls fluctuate depending on the real-time traffic conditions in the corridors
    • As traffic levels and demand increase, the toll price increases to keep vehicles moving
    • Once traffic volumes drop, the price goes down
  • Aim to maintain a minimum speed limit of 50 mph at all times, especially during peak rush-hour periods
  • Speed limits are 65 mph or 75 mph depending on the TEXpress Lanes corridor
  • Built with limited entrances and exits to allow drivers to travel across the entire corridor as quickly as possible
    • Some entrances are located on the general highway lanes while others are on frontage roads
    • Exits can place drivers onto the general highway lanes or the frontage roads
  • Can feature partial reversible connectors to accommodate peak traffic volume during certain times of the day
  • Offer HOV drivers a 50% discount off of the base toll cost

TEXpress Lanes Discounts:

  • HOV drivers can register to get a 50% discount off of the base toll rate:
    • Drivers must have a valid toll tag and register/activate as an HOV user via the Drive On TEXpress mobile app or website at least 15 minutes prior to entering the lanes
    • Available Mondays through Fridays
    • Applicable 6:30 to 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 to 6:30 p.m.
  • Some TEXpress Lanes, such as the privately-operated LBJ and NTE TEXpress Lanes, offer occasional promotional discounts for solo drivers
North Texas TEXpress Lanes Map